Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Passing through the East  

East of the area we now call Williamsburg
you'll find splotches of culture within industrial fences
walls are old and trucks hum back and forth
bringing the to and the fro
lofts used to be big as all life
now some rig figured up with a knife
the cost of space to displace
is a chase plus the waste of ones
time, dime and done-
it is never that fun.

Here are some pictures i took today while walking to Bushwick from Greenpoint.
Serious Shoefitti
on Kingland Ave and Jackson

Morgan Ave
Bushwick Rails
business trails

Johnson Ave art

Empire Import

Bushwick Bird

Machines and Trains

Looming Surface

Faces O Plenty

Coffee & Sandwiches

It Figures
FLushing Ave

Flushing and Noll Seen

Door to Nowhere
FLushing Ave

Buddha View
Zen in Bushwick

Greenpoint Hospital
Outpatient Department
(with no emergencies)

Old Loading Door
on the building that the air conditioner was invented in

Man on Morgan
with thoughts


We're Walkin Here

I Spy

Ill and Hellbent

The old Casket Factory
Casket Factory

Kingland Ave Tree
and some sort of dwelling

Front Yard Zion
Kingsland Ave, Greenwick
check out more about Kingsland Ave here:

Cat's Winter House
(on porch) as opposed to his summerhouse, on the sidewalk out front

New Boxes on Frost
and Kingsland Ave (aka Grandparents Avenue)

Wandering on Withers
found this trash. nice huh

Former Greenpoint Hospital
Kingsland and Jackson

Former Greenpoint Hospital
Kingsland and Jackson

Kingsland Ave

Kingsland Ave

Jackson Ave

a lot of shoes
on Jackson and Kingsland Ave

Something Fishy at Greenpoint Hospital
wonder what they could be gutting this one out for. Its on Maspeth Ave
and Kingsland Ave

Across from Cooper Park
Maspeth Ave and Morgan Ave

Metropolitan Ave Crossing
at Morgan Ave

a quickr pickr post

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Oil of No Way! Who wants to move to Greenpoint today?  

Oil of No Way! Who wants to move to Greenpoint today?, originally uploaded by jUSTINYC.

Newtown Creek was quite the media hog yesterday as an AP news report seeped out info regarding the "41 football fields" sized oil spill undernieth Greenpoint. ABC News had a spread about the issue and Brownstoner had a little ditty about it today. Even Erin Brokovich is now working on the damn thing. justiNYC lives in Greenpoint, but on the other side. Someone should tell ABC and Erin that the neighborhood with the spill is actually called Greenwick.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Greenwick's Dawn of Luxury  

Greenwick Valet

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Brooklyn has enough love EVEN for hybrid hoods...  

We have evidence- an amazing discovery today in Greenwick thanks to Uncle Google and his maps.


Greenwick Map Revisited  

greenwickmaprevisited, originally uploaded by jUSTINYC.

For purposes of further clarity, here is Greenwick with northern and western neighbors. Tomorrow, we will look at LoftCity and Bushwick and their location in respect to Greenwick.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

A rough and dirty map of the area of Greenwick.....  

Expect a more accurate representation of Greenwick once The fotoUR finds his buddy The Surveyor. Feel free to argue boundries.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Curbed gives the green light for Greenwick!  


Yet another grand spotting by the infamous Curbed! Greenwick is sure to eliminate much of the confusion involve in explaining this area (which coincidentally happens to be the only spot in North Brooklyn with any affordable rentals). Perhaps it might be time for a Brooklyn version of the famed Hoodwinked contest hosted by Curbed a while back. We'll call it You Blinked!
The fotoUR must go do some real work today, but when he returns it will be time for nailing down the specifics for a contest. First order of business: Figure out what the hell to call that area over by Pratt that is too seedy to be Clinton Hill, too far north for Bed-Stuy, too east for Ft. Greene and (contrary to popular belief), DEFINITELY
not Williamsburg. In Brooklyn, the Darthvelopers usually create the names.

from a roof....in Greenwick